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Where it all started

气流饺子吧 ­—永遠新鮮

Growing up in a large Mauritian family, my childhood was fortunately filled with delicious food experiences. Not only was I born with an enormous appetite, but food was central to so many things in my life. A visit to my Grandmere’s (Grandmother) was never without a home cooked meal and special occasions were often planned around dining together as a family at our local Dim Sum house.

Love at
first bite


It wasn’t until school holidays in year 4 when my Grandmere taught me how to prepare dumplings (wontons) from scratch that I discovered the staggering yumminess of authentic Mauritian and Asian cooking, and despite having tried hundreds and possibly thousands of dumplings across my life, Grandmere’s pork wontons to this day will always be my favourite.

Although Bumplings is the result of my ongoing obsession with dumplings as well as many years of experiments and tasty discoveries in the kitchen, it is also the result of learning from my Grandmere that making delicious food is all the more sweeter when shared with those around you.

Kitchen rules


1. Wash your hands.
2. Nibble, don’t gobble.
3. Try something new.
4. Keep your chopsticks to yourself.
5. Enjoy every bite.

Wonton more?

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